Worthwhile Reads 6.5.17

I usually send out my compilation of links, not-so-cleverly dubbed “Worthwhile Reads”, on Sundays, but it just didn’t happen this week. I dropped my boyfriend off at the airport at 5:00am, came home and slept for another two hours, and rolled into work at 11 yesterday. Before I knew it, Sunday was over and I hadn’t written a single thing. But I’m not just gonna let the articles I’ve found over the last week go to waste, damn it! So, I present to you a Monday edition of Worthwhile Reads. Enjoy!


We’re All Guinea Pigs in a Failed Decades-Long Diet Experiment

People tend to be pretty short-sighted. Therefore, we often believe what we’re told. And, for quite a while, everybody was telling us to stay away from fat. I still hear people referring to nonfat products as healthier than full-fat or low-fat, yet it would appear that our trend toward less fat in our diet has not improved our health. This is a great article, and a good case for approaching things with curiosity and listening to your own bodies’ needs above all else.

Most People Will Never Understand My Eating Disorder

I love that this post comes from a male perspective, a voice often overlooked in eating disorder research and information. I also love that it looks honestly at how a cultural obsession with fitness encourages disordered eating and exercise.

Gyms Are in Position to Spot Eating Disorders – But Actually Helping is Tricky

Gym employees have the opportunity to offer help to people who are struggling with disordered eating and exercise, but it’s a complicated situation. Personally, I think that a lot of that complication comes from the fact that gyms make more money if people are paying more for physical training, nutrition coaching, and more advanced classes.


Life, Etc.

Let’s Call It What It Is

I’m not sure whether or not you’re heard of the awful stabbing that occurred on public transportation here in Portland a week or so ago, but this is a great article on the hatred and racism behind the attack. It’s time to be honest with ourselves about where decades and decades of racism and white supremacy have led us as a country, and as a city.

Apps That Help Women and Make the App World a Better Place

I typically download an app, get really excited about it, and then forget about it a week later. But some of these look pretty useful, and I can attest to the Clue app being awesome.

In Texas, Abstinence-Only Programs May Contribute to Teen Pregnancies


Abstinence-only education does not work. It doesn’t. How many more statistics do we need to see before we accept that?

I’ll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours: Vulnerability

I don’t know about you, but my favorite people in the world are the people I know who are honest, open, and vulnerable. It goes against our inclinations to put down our defenses, but the payoff is enormous.


That’s all I’ve got for you guys today –  have a wonderful Monday!

  1. WOW. It was refreshing to a guy’s ED story since there’s such an enormous gender bias in eating disorder recovery. It’s heart-breaking though.
    Oh Texas. This makes me feel partially ashamed to say I live here. Things definitely need to change. The article also interested me since she happened to have attended my university. So close to home!!

    Thanks for the eye opening reads!!
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    1. Glad you enjoyed them! Male eating disorders are way overlooked, and I’m glad that more people seem to be speaking out.

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