Worthwhile Reads 6.11.17

Good morning! I don’t know about you, but I have had one hell of a week. I am more than ready for this crazy week to be over. Before I can call it over and done, though, I want to share a few Worthwhile Reads with you guys.


What Nutrition Experts Wished You Knew About Diets

Yes, yes, yes.

To The Person In Eating Disorder Recovery Who Is Struggling To Accept Body Changes

This is really worth a read. Coping with a changing body may be the hardest part of recovery (it has been for me), but it does not make recovery any less rewarding or worthwhile.

The Ripple Effects on Girls When Moms Struggle with Body Image

Kids watch and learn from their parents whether the parents like it or not. I find the idea of being a positive role model for kids to be a huge motivator in the work that I do on myself.

I Was So “Healthy” It Hurt My Fertility: My Journey With Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

Our society’s thoughts about what is healthy can be way off base.



How to Master the Virtue of Humility in a World That Tells Us to be Proud

I understand the value of taking pride in ourselves and having confidence in who we are, but I think that humility is underrated.

Can America’s Farms Survive the Threat of Deportations?

It’s so important for us to think about the wider effect of the policies that we implement.

We’re Living in the Cult of Cruel

Especially as tensions rise on a cultural and political level, it is easy to “other” the people around us, which is the first step in dehumanizing them. We are indeed living in a world where being cruel to one another is not only expected but often condoned, and it is something that I am trying to be aware of and distance myself from.


That’s all I have for this week’s round-up, folks. Have a fantastic rest of your weekend!