Worthwhile Reads 5/28/17

Good morning on this lovely Sunday! If you’re in the States and celebrating Memorial Day, I hope you’re able to and enjoy some nice weather, people whom you love, and rest. Or if, like me, you’re working today, I hope that your day isn’t too grueling and you can find moments to give yourself a break. Before I head out the door this morning, I’m putting together a few links for you to enjoy while you lay about in the sun. Enjoy!


Finding Your Healthy Set Point

I honestly have no idea if my body is at its set point because I haven’t weighed myself in about two years, but I do know how much better I feel since I have let my body gain some weight. I feel like I have energy to go on long bike rides, freedom to eat chips and salsa for dinner occasionally, and so much less fear than I used to have. It’s terrifying to let go, even a little bit, but I promise that it pays off. I love Robyn’s perspective on this.

How Instagram Fame Led to My Eating Disorder

Eating disorders are not caused by any one factor, but the prevalence of social media and its focus on appearance is bound to lead some down a dangerous path.

Anorexia Stops Me Fasting for Ramadan

This is a really interesting look at spiritual fasting, and how it can be navigated for those with a history of eating disorders.

The Recovered Body

I would venture to say that the hardest part of recovery for many is accepting that their perception of a healthy body is skewed. I still encounter people every day whose ideas about health are entirely based on society’s constructions, and it’s hard to keep my mouth shut. It’s hard to prioritize our own true health when disorder abounds around us and I am still challenged by thing that I see and hear, but I try to remind myself why I began recovery and how much fuller my life has been since.

Life, Etc.

Self-Care Tips from Yoko Ono

These are fantastic.

Why We Need to Celebrate Small Boring Acts of Self-Care

It’s the little things.

On Memorial Day, Honor the Fallen, Care for the Living Veterans

We need to realize that many of the people who we honor on Memorial Day are not receiving adequate care and assistance despite their service. As a country, we can do better for our veterans.


That’s all I have for you this morning! Whatever you decide to do today, enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. I hope you did give yourself time to relax on the holiday despite having a day of work!

    That article on ED & Ramadan was definitely thought-provoking. It’s a struggle that I had not considered previously. And Yoko Ono’s tips are beautifully written. The talking to animals, unplug and stretch ones are my favorites. Yay for boring self-care! Boring ≠ lame. Putting the dishes away and changing my sheets are my top mundane self-care activities
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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the posts! I have a tendency to think of self-care as this very intentional and involved process, but it can be so simple.

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