Worthwhile Reads 5.21.17

I’m back in the blogging world, which means I’m back to sharing great reads from around the Internet with y’all. This is probably my favorite thing about blogging, in all honesty, because I so enjoy seeking out posts and articles that I think others may enjoy.


Women Recovering from Eating Disorders Can Receive Free Fitted Clothes, Thanks to Former Patient

What a great idea to help those in early recovery avoid the anxiety of sizing themselves and shopping for clothes.

It’s a Deadly Fallacy That Eating Disorders Are a Teenage Illness

I still believe that my problematic behaviors around food and exercise would have been taken more seriously if I hadn’t been a successful college student. The belief that eating disorders only plague young, affluent women causes many to miss opportunities to get help.

Lose Your Phone, Find Your Body

One of my favorite online contributors regarding eating disorders (and other things) has nailed it once again. Taking a moment apart from distraction to listen to ourselves is key to overall health, and it is something that I know I could stand to improve upon.

How an Old Dress Helped a Food Stylist Reflect on Her Eating Disorder Past

I have found old clothes of mine and struggled with the sadness of them no longer fitting alongside the relief of being in a healthier place now. Weight changes are¬†hard to deal with, but remembering how much happier we are without our eating disorders, even if we can’t wear the same clothing, is what helps keep us going.


Life, Etc.

Are You Settling in Your Relationship?

Relationships require work and compromise, but you should never feel like you’re putting effort into something that is not being reciprocated or appreciated.

How To Keep Up With The News Without Going Crazy

This is something I really struggle with. I want to be informed, but tuning in to the news tends to give me anxiety these days. There are ways to be informed and proactive, while still preserving self-care and your own mental health.

I’m going to take a ride on my bike before work on this beautiful day, so that’s all I have for now. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!