Worthwhile Reads 3/13/16

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Good morning! I’m excited to link up with Amanda to day to share some excellent links from around the World Wide Web with you before I head out the door to work. Enjoy, and have a great rest of the weekend!


Dreams Held Hostage

In what ways are you limiting your potential?

1904: The Analyst Who Noticed Anorexia is Born

Some really interesting information on the history of anorexia.

3 Things People with Eating Disorders Need to Know

Important reminders for all of us.

Body Positivity and the Ebb and Flow of Self Worth

A beautiful and honest post on body love and acceptance through all of life’s hurdles.

What an Eating Disorder in Recovery Sounds Like

Even in recovery, an eating disorder can be incredibly loud.

6 Steps to Intuitive Eating and Recovery

Intuitive eating seems to be the best path out of disordered eating, but it can be daunting. These are some manageable, practical steps toward intuitive eating for those in recovery!

Why Intuitive Eating Isn’t Working

If intuitive eating is seen as another diet, it’s just not gonna work.

Yes, There IS Such a Thing as Too Much Exercise

Exercise can be overdone, and the health consequences are serious.

Chronic Illness, Marginalization, ED, and Me

A fascinating look at the impact chronic illness can play on feelings of self-esteem and body image.


Life, Etc.

The Magic Formula That Helped Me Unplug in Reality, Not Just in Theory

We can feel trapped by our various devices, but it’s possible to take a break!

The Magic of Making a Decision

Sometimes, being decisive and following through with our decisions is quite empowering.

I Won’t Let My 5-Year-Old Daughter Grow Up Stepping Aside, for Sexism Like I Did

We have the ability to pave a better way for the next generation of women.

That’s it for this week’s links – Enjoy the weekend, and I hope that your Monday gets off to a great start tomorrow!

  1. I love your link about intuitive eating–why it’s wonderful, but not going to work if you view it as a way to lose weight. I also find it doesn’t work if you’re not willing to honor its inherent imperfectness. I remember when I first started trying intuitive eating, I was so hyperaware of the exact moment when I felt “full” and refused to let myself eat past that point, even if I wanted more. But when I began to think of it as freedom to eat in any way that feels good for my body and soul, that’s when I really started to heal, and honestly, when I finally started to eat enough.
    Thanks for sharing–you always find such good reads!

    1. Thanks for sharing your intuitive eating experiences! I think the danger of trying to do it too soon in recovery is that there is a tendency to strive for perfection, when there is truly no such thing. It can be a great long term goal, but intuitive eating isn’t something to jump into too soon by any means.

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