Worthwhile Reads 10.23.16

Good morning! It’s Sunday, which means it’s time for another Worthwhile Reads linkup. There have been some great posts and articles out there this week, and I’m excited to pass them along!



‘Mood Light’ Turns Women Against Weight Watchers

Well, this is bullshit.

On The Subject Of Childhood Dieting

So much of this author’s story resonates with me, and she makes some excellent points about the dangers of putting kids on diets.

5 Tips For Talking (And Not Talking) About Food

Good advice for absolutely everybody, especially those close to somebody in recovery.

Dangers of the Clean Eating Trend Among Food Bloggers

Yep. Food blogging for somebody with a history of eating disorders is sketchy territory, and it can create a dangerous environment of comparison.

Life, Etc.

Universities are Making Radical New Changes In How They Deal With Rape

With campus rape a disturbingly common problem, it’s good to see progress being made.

7 Drinks To Avoid If You Don’t Want A Hangover

Going out and having a few drinks is a blast, but feeling like you were hit by a bus the next day most definitely is not.

Hugs For Your Jugs

A great post on boob-centric body positivity.

That’s all for this week, folks! Thanks to Amanda for the linkup, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!