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Worthwhile Reads 5.21.17

I’m back in the blogging world, which means I’m back to sharing great reads from around the Internet with y’all. This is probably my favorite thing about blogging, in all honesty, because I so enjoy seeking out posts and articles that I think others may enjoy.


Women Recovering from Eating Disorders Can Receive Free Fitted Clothes, Thanks to Former Patient

What a great idea to help those in early recovery avoid the anxiety of sizing themselves and shopping for clothes.

It’s a Deadly Fallacy That Eating Disorders Are a Teenage Illness

I still believe that my problematic behaviors around food and exercise would have been taken more seriously if I hadn’t been a successful college student. The belief that eating disorders only plague young, affluent women causes many to miss opportunities to get help.

Lose Your Phone, Find Your Body

One of my favorite online contributors regarding eating disorders (and other things) has nailed it once again. Taking a moment apart from distraction to listen to ourselves is key to overall health, and it is something that I know I could stand to improve upon.

How an Old Dress Helped a Food Stylist Reflect on Her Eating Disorder Past

I have found old clothes of mine and struggled with the sadness of them no longer fitting alongside the relief of being in a healthier place now. Weight changes are hard to deal with, but remembering how much happier we are without our eating disorders, even if we can’t wear the same clothing, is what helps keep us going.


Life, Etc.

Are You Settling in Your Relationship?

Relationships require work and compromise, but you should never feel like you’re putting effort into something that is not being reciprocated or appreciated.

How To Keep Up With The News Without Going Crazy

This is something I really struggle with. I want to be informed, but tuning in to the news tends to give me anxiety these days. There are ways to be informed and proactive, while still preserving self-care and your own mental health.

I’m going to take a ride on my bike before work on this beautiful day, so that’s all I have for now. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

Worthwhile Reads 10.23.16

Good morning! It’s Sunday, which means it’s time for another Worthwhile Reads linkup. There have been some great posts and articles out there this week, and I’m excited to pass them along!



‘Mood Light’ Turns Women Against Weight Watchers

Well, this is bullshit.

On The Subject Of Childhood Dieting

So much of this author’s story resonates with me, and she makes some excellent points about the dangers of putting kids on diets.

5 Tips For Talking (And Not Talking) About Food

Good advice for absolutely everybody, especially those close to somebody in recovery.

Dangers of the Clean Eating Trend Among Food Bloggers

Yep. Food blogging for somebody with a history of eating disorders is sketchy territory, and it can create a dangerous environment of comparison.

Life, Etc.

Universities are Making Radical New Changes In How They Deal With Rape

With campus rape a disturbingly common problem, it’s good to see progress being made.

7 Drinks To Avoid If You Don’t Want A Hangover

Going out and having a few drinks is a blast, but feeling like you were hit by a bus the next day most definitely is not.

Hugs For Your Jugs

A great post on boob-centric body positivity.

That’s all for this week, folks! Thanks to Amanda for the linkup, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Worthwhile Reads 10/16/16

Hello there! I’ve been quite the absent blogger lately. Life has been busy, and it seems like I’ve rarely had a minute to sleep, much less sit down to write anything. I’m a big believer in better late than never, though, and I still wanted to link up with Amanda today to share some great reads that I found around the Internet. Enjoy!



I’m Tired of Not Seeing Women Like Me In The Media

The media’s portrayal of people, especially women, is skewed and harmful. If you look around the real world, you’ll see that we come in different shapes and sizes, all of which can be healthy and happy.

Facing My Demons: An Eating Disorder Recovery Story

Getting help is terrifying, and it can feel so incredibly out-of-control and impossible. It is possible, though, and there are so many happy people on the other side who prove it.

Dr. Phil: Please Stop Triggering People With Eating Disorders

In my opinion, Dr. Phil is just like any other ratings-driven daytime TV host, although his education indicates that he should know better than to sensationalize information in the way that he does.

Healing Your Body Image Is A Journey

We’re fallible humans, and there will be many things in life with which we don’t feel entirely happy, including our bodies. That doesn’t mean that we can’t live fulfilling lives, though, and it doesn’t mean that we can’t reach a place of acceptance and contentment.


Life, Etc.

Why Are Women More Likely To Suffer From Depression Than Men?

Gender gaps like this are interesting, and they call us to think about the physiology and culture that might cause them.

How To Make Peace With Other’s False Perception Of You

We can’t control what others think of us, but we can always control our response.

Same Pen, Different Me

A personal story of the roles writing can fill over a lifetime, especially in times of healing.

Notes To My 12 Year Old Self: No One Is Perfect

I’m guessing all of us have a few things we would like to tell our middle school selves.

That’s it for this week’s links, folks. Have a fantastic remainder of your weekend, and a great Monday!


Worthwhile Reads 9.25.16

Hey there! I’m actually blogging twice in one week, and I can hardly believe it, but I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to get in on Amanda’s weekly link-up. It was another week of great reads, and I can’t help but pass them along. Enjoy!




Normal Eating is Healthy Eating

Robyn nails down some great points once again.

Nobody Cares How Much You Weigh

Things recovery has taught me: people don’t care how much you weigh, and you likely do not see yourself the way that others see you.

This New York Fashion Week Was The Most Body-Positive Yet

We have a long way to go, but we’re making progress.

Anti-Obesity Message Contributing to Rise in Eating Disorders


When Workouts Go Too Far

Repeat after me: it is possible to exercise too much.

Life, Etc.

‘A Five-Alarm Threat to Our Future Food Supply’: Experts Describe Bayer-Montanto Merger

This kind of stuff makes me a little nervous.


That’s it for this week- I hope the rest of your Sunday is fantastic!

Worthwhile Reads 9.4.16

Good evening, lovely readers! Things have been a little crazy in my life, so I haven’t had blogging on my mind much. In fact, I was heading to bed last night when I thought to myself, “Oh shit! Tomorrow is Sunday and I haven’t put together a Worthwhile Reads post!” I was too tired to throw one together last night, but better late than never, right? After all, I do have some great reads to share with you all.

Coffee cup 9.4


Losing The Diet Is Not Losing

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the point at which dieting becomes disordered, and this post is a great resource for giving up dieting even in its most seemingly innocent forms.

My Body Positive Journey

There isn’t necessarily a before and after in our journeys with our bodies. They are ongoing, and ever-changing, which is pretty incredible.

Weight Watchers Led to My Eating Disorder. Here’s How.

It seems like Weight Watchers is often seen as the healthiest diet because it teaches things like portion control and doesn’t demonize some foods over others as much as some diets do. It can, however, lead to an eating disorder in the same way that any other diet can.

Surprise: Not Shaming People About Weight Helps Combat Both Anorexia And Obesity

Seriously, people. Can we finally learn this lesson?

I’ve Experienced Fat Shaming and Thin Shaming and I Can Tell You Which One Is Worse

Yup. Thin shaming isn’t good by any stretch of the imagination, but fatness does not hold the same positive connotations as thinness does, and that is the reality.

Life, Etc.


Why Talking About Death Should Be a Natural Part of Life

Amen to this. I used to work at a grief center for children and families, and I can’t overemphasize the importance of speaking about death in an honest and open way.

11 Ways To Make Dating Fun And Not Stressful

Dating always kind of sucks, but there are ways to make it suck less.

That’s it for this week! Have a fantastic Monday!

Worthwhile Reads 8.28.16

Good morning! How has your weekend been? Mine has been busy, as usual, but quite lovely. It has been far too long since I’ve put together a Worthwhile Reads post for y’all, and I’m looking forward to linking up with Amanda today to share some of the great links I’ve seen over the past few weeks!

Coffee cup 8.28


Fitness Trackers for Kids: McDonald’s Dangerous New Marketing Ploy

I remember when McDonald’s included pedometers in meals when I was in middle school, and I remember it becoming somewhat obsessive for me. I wholly advocate for encouraging activity, but I think there are ways to do that without focusing on specific numbers.

Sweet Nothings: Life With An Eating Disorder

A beautiful post on the similarities between an eating disorder and a relationship.

Confidence in Eating (lots of food)

As always, The Fuck It Diet provides an awesome countercultural perspective.

What I Wanted My Partner to Know About My Eating Disorder But Never Said

Great things to know for those who love somebody with an eating disorder.

Your Body Positivity Needs To Include More Than Just You

Body positivity should include all bodies: the differently abled, the scarred, the “perfect,” the large, the small, and the in-between.

The Difference Between Full Recovery and Recovered Enough

It’s easy to get stuck in a “recovered enough” place, but we can all do better for ourselves.

What Intuitive Eating Is Not

It is not perfection, and it is not a diet, among other things.


Life, etc.

How I Got Over FOMO as an Introvert

Its hard to accept introversion without feeling like we are missing out, but it is worth trying to be okay with the fact that we may often be happier in smaller groups or on our own. I have found that I am much happier when I simply validate my choice to lie low and not waste time wishing I were more extroverted.

Batman The Four-Eared Supercat Finds a Forever Home

This was just too good to pass up.

The Culture Of The Smug White Liberal

This article points out things that may be hard to hear, but need to be considered nonetheless.

The New “Ghostbusters” and Race: Why It Matters That Leslie Jones Isn’t Playing One of the Scientists

I enjoyed the movie, but I had a lot of thoughts along these lines.



That’s all I have for this week’s roundup – I hope you have a fantastic remainder of your Sunday!


Worthwhile Reads 8.7.16


Good morning! I’m writing to you from beautiful Montana, where I surprised my mom by visiting for a week. I’ve been absolutely loving my time here, and it has been a great opportunity to visit friends and family and get some much-needed rest and relaxation. I haven’t been very active on the blog lately, but I found some great links to share with you!


Patients With “Wrong Weight” Refused Care

We seriously need to reevaluate the criteria for treatment. It’s absolutely absurd that people who aren’t ‘sick enough’ are not able to get care.

What I Wish I Knew Before My Daughter Developed Anorexia

There are so many lessons we can learn from those who have dealt with eating disorders, and society needs to open up to some of these lessons.

5 Important Things You May Not Know About Eating Disorders

This post does a great job of summarizing some of the things that people still don’t understand about eating disorders.

Once The “Fat Kid,” Always The “Fat Kid”

Such a beautiful reflection.

Life, Etc.

How Pokemon Go Helps Kids On The Autism Spectrum

Whether or not you are in on the Pokemon Go craze, I do think that it provides an opportunity to get people out in the community who might not otherwise do so.

Making The Case For Being Quietly Awesome

Quietly awesome people unite!


Worthwhile Reads 7/31/16

Good morning, and welcome to the LAST day of July. What is happening to this summer?! I’ve been a little absent in the world of blogging lately, and I owe that primarily to the fact that work has been insane. I also had a friend visiting last weekend, which was wonderful, although it gave me slightly less free time. I do have one exciting bit of news from the last week to share with you, and that is that I got my stolen bike back! I found it for sale on Craiglist, dedicated a lot of time into arranging a time to look at the bike as if I were interested in buying it, and took it back. My most favorite form of transportation is in my possession once again, and I couldn’t be happier about it. To celebrate and replace the stickers that were ripped off, I tacked a new sticker on once I got it back. Love truly does conquer hate.


And now, I’m excited to share some Worthwhile Reads with y’all!

Coffee cup 7.31


Not My Daughter: I Thought I Could Protect My Daughter from Anorexia — I Was Wrong

A really beautiful piece on parenting, eating disorders, and the feeling of failure when we can’t save the people we love.

Writing Your Way to Wellness

Writing has played a huge role in my recovery, and I think that anyone can be come a writer to help move themselves through the recovery process.

Why I Do Not Support Eating Disorder Charity Runs

love this perspective, and I think it’s incredibly valid.

Raising a Girl to Have a Healthy Body Image

So important, not only for parents, but for anybody who is around children and has the ability to positively influence the way young girls see themselves.

Gaining Weight Is HARD

Yep. Gaining weight is not easy, but a healthier body and mind make it so worthwhile.

Life, Etc.

What to Tell Yourself When You Want to Forget Your Past

It can be hard to remember that our pasts, no matter how challenging, have allowed us the opportunity to grow into better people. This is a great post on remembering that our pasts contribute to who we are, and we can learn from them rather than try to forget them.

Unmarried Women Have The Power To Decide The Election

Single Ladies represent!

That’s all I have for you this week, fabulous people! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Worthwhile Reads 7/17/16

Good morning! How on earth is it already July 17th? It’s hard for me to believe that my mom was visiting only a week ago, and that August is creeping up rapidly. To finish off the week, I’m excited to share some awesome links with you from around the Internet courtesy of Amanda’s weekly linkup!

Coffee cup 7.17


Nike Finally Acknowledges That Curvy Women Work Out, Too

It’s taking time, but I believe that society is slowly coming around to a place of greater body acceptance.

Bikini Body Fitness Parody

Definitely worth a watch.

How Much Do You Have to Think About Eating for It to Become an Eating Disorder?

“People’s ideas about what is normal are so skewed.” Yes. It is so easy to get caught up in your social circle/Instagram feed/blogging world and lose sight of what is really healthy.

How to Make the Road to Recovery a Little Less Bumpy

It’s a challenging road, to be certain, but there are things that we can do to help ourselves along.

Drink The Water, Hide The Scale

I love the sheer honesty of this post. It looks at the back-and-forth of our changing bodies, and considers the pros and cons of consciously trying to lose weight, learning to accept your size as you are, and everywhere in between.

The Biggest Misconceptions About Eating Disorders (From Someone Who’s Had One)

You may be well aware of these myths and their inaccuracy, but there are still many who believe some of these things, and neglect to realize how doing so prevents people from being able to get help.


Life, Etc.

Mental Health Reform Bill Overwhelmingly Clears House of Representatives

It’s always encouraging to seeing steps taken toward mental healthcare reform.

Up in Smoke: We’ll Spend Billions Tomorrow for Not Helping the Poor Quit Smoking Today

Something that isn’t talked about much, but certainly merits discussion.

15 Of The Best #SingleBecause Tweets That Show Being Single Is Awesome AF

Being single ain’t so bad.

Tips for Self-Care: When Police Brutality Has You Questioning Humanity and Social Media Isn’t Enough

Whenever tragedy comes to our national and international attention, it can be hard to find hope. Caring for ourselves from the inside out ensures that we can be there for others.


That’s it for this week’s links! I hope the rest of your weekend is fantastic!

Worthwhile Reads 7/10/16

Good afternoon! I am way behind on this week’s post, but better late than never, I figure. I was so behind on getting it together that I considered skipping a Worthwhile Reads post altogether, but I kept seeing articles that seemed worth sharing, so here I am!

Coffee cup 7.10



A great post on the role of trust in eating disorder recovery.

At 29, I’m Just Staring to Unlearn Body Dysmorphia

We develop unhealthy relationships with our bodies over the course of years, and it is reasonable to expect that it may take some time to heal those relationships. However, I believe that it is entirely possible.

What Losing 110 Pounds REALLY Looks Like

I admire the courage that it took to share these pictures. People often think of weight loss as something with only positive outcomes, and rarely consider what the body goes through when it loses such a large amount of weight.

What Are You Re-Covering? Critical Conversations on Eating Disorder Recovery

A great post if you’re at all interested in social research, and how we can quantify a recovered life.

Promoting Health at Every Size During Summer Vacation

Self-consciousness about our bodies is likely to be at its peak during this time of year.

The Rise of Drunkorexia: When Disordered Eating Meets Binge Drinking

People choosing to “save” calories in order to use them on alcohol is a dangerous trend, and it is in no way new. I knew a number of girls in college who engaged in this practice regularly, which almost made it seem normal. However, this attitude toward alcohol and food is another manifestation of a lack of trust in our bodies, and another unhealthy way of coping with challenging thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Life, Etc.

Why Is It So Hard for Students to Find Good Mental Health Treatment?

An excellent question. I firmly believe that we would live in a different world if mental health issues were de-stigmatized, and access to mental health treatment were more widely available.

Learning Emotional Maturity in the Age Full of Feels

I love this perspective on balancing self-disclosure with the expression of emotions.

Americans: You Have The Right to Make Your Voice Heard

Now is our opportunity to acknowledge the pain and abuse that has occurred for hundreds of years. Now is our opportunity to create a better country and world.

That’s it for this week’s links! I hope your week gets off to a fantastic start!


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